The VA is killing people.


This has been going on for years.

VA is killing people.

The Obama Administration is cutting healthcare for the Veteran to pay for Welfare.

Is that fair?



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4 Responses to The VA is killing people.

  1. I have been using VA health care as my ONLY resource for the past 3 years. I can honestly say I have been extremely pleased with my experience. I will admit I have not had any really serious problems to diagnose, but every question I have ever raised has been addressed in a timely fashion. Of course, things could change rapidly if I develop cancer or some other catastrophic illness, but so far, I have been very pleased. Waiting time when going in for a regular appointment is shorter than I EVER experienced when using my employer sponsored health care prior to my retirement. The doctors have all been VERY good at answering questions and very open about anything I ever wanted to discuss regarding my health. I have nothing but praise (so far) in my relationship with the V.A. I HOPE the article is indicative of regional isolated incidents and not nationwide indifference to veterans health issues. My experience has been entirely positive.

    Thanks for the article. It has encouraged me to be very pro-active about my own future needs.

    Kent McDonald

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your great comments. You bring up great points.

      Yes, some VA clinics are great. Some are literally killing veterans.

      Your relationship with your primary care physician is always a great indicator of your overall experience. I keep getting primary care physicians who refuse to treat me …. but when I see emergency care in the VA, it get treated MUCH, MUCH better and faster.

      We all need to be pro-active about our future care. As quickly as money is being taken from veterans to pay for other programs, it won’t be long until veteran care is seriously degraded.


      • Of course, I worry about the future of VA healthcare funding. AND Social Security retirement funding. I am totally dependent on both remaining viable, as are millions of others. You and I paid both in dollars and years of our lives in the military to be eligible for these benefits. We need to make sure we elect congressmen and senators who have a high respect for the military and the sacrifices they made, so these benefits don’t become degraded. I have dealt with a total of only 4 doctors in the VA. My primary care doc and 3 specialists. All four have been responsive, articulate and warm in their relationship with me, addressing my issues as important. Admittedly this is an extremely small sample of the whole. But it has obviously made a huge impact on my opinion of VA healthcare. I feel for vets who are treated shabbily, or disrespected by VA practitioners. Their experiences may be a lot closer to the norm than I would like to admit, but I am still grateful that in MY area at least, the norm is pretty good.

        Thanks for the reply, brother.


  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Absolutely nothing, has changed at VA for decades.

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