What do gays want from US?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

We are told ‘equality.’ But, we were told they wanted our children (NAMBLA). Then we were told they would never want marriage.

PBS never mentioned marriage in 1993’s Gay March in DC.

But, everything has changed. WHY?


Gays will cash in on Government hand outs if they can claim ‘marriage.’ Ironically, straight marriages are often taxed excessively because of the ‘marriage penalty.’

But, why do they want money?

Because through money, they can contribute to candidates and control the election process, and the judicial process in America.

I think. And I might be wrong.

What do you think?


Freedom to Marry wants ‘tax breaks.’

NY Times says gays with children pay more in taxes than straight families.

Not all Gays are for Gay marriage.

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12 Responses to What do gays want from US?

  1. tristanread says:

    Yes, that’s exactly why people want equality – money. This is a ridiculous notion that suggests that in the same way in the past African Americans and Women fought for equality because of money. If aforementioned “marriage penalty” tax exists, why would those wanting money would fight for it. On top of that, gays always stereotyped as a rich bunch. If we accept some stereotypes we should probably accept them all – equality 😉 As far as politics are concerned you are most likely right, every one will want to push their own agenda. However, I do not believe that the fight for equality and gay marriage has money as its central focus. After all, would they be fighting for tax breaks instead?

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment.

      You try well, but African-Americans & women are not the same battle as the Gay Agenda is …. and except for a few members of those groups, there is little connection.

      Looking at your example, why did the argument switch from we would never want marriage, that is a straight concept, to equality means re-defining marriage?

      WHY the switch?

      I added some links above.

      Thank you


      • To continue from the response above, and connect to this one, historically the “rights” movements are indeed all part of the same movement, the same cultural re-evaluation process. The only difference is in what you add after the words “regardless of…”

      • Wayne says:

        The “Rights” movements are tied together in that some elitists continue their jobs by finding new things to ‘fight for,’ and ‘get paid for.’

        Just because a professional agitator takes on a new job, does not mean his old employers agree with his new employers ….

        Can you agree with that paragraph?


      • I do agree with the paragraph you refer to, just not to the statement that few blacks support LGBT rights. Current polls indicate a slight majority of people in all groups support allowing same-sex civil (non-religious) marriage. Even in states where the population does not currently support it, the trend toward acceptance is rapidly changing and undeniable. It’s going to be national law, and my guess would be within two or three presidential election cycles.

      • Wayne says:

        I agree with your comment, CIVIL unions, but the pressure is for re-defining marriage. And there is much less support for that ….

        I think we agree – Do we?

      • We do! (Sorry for the delay. Had to go work.)

      • Wayne says:

        Work is a GREAT thing …. Wish I could still do it ….



  2. Yes, Wayne. You’re a thoughtful person, but I think you’re wrong. “Gays”, a somewhat derogatory term which includes the rest of the LGBT tribe, don’t want a damn thing FROM “us”. What they want is an equal playing field FOR themselves. Nothing FROM. Just the same FOR. Nothing they get for themselves takes anything away from the rest of us.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you. At least you and I disagree kindly.

      I might agree with you, but I got my information FROM the LGBT community …. unless you are an invisible leader of the community, I do not see how your opinion would be more valid than their leadership?

      Did I miss something in their comments?

      Thank you again.


      • As my favorite Sociology professor used to put it:
        “Before making a generalization, question the size of your sample.”
        In other words, personal experiences and non-objective opinions, yours or mine, don’t mean shite.

        There are LGBT activists and extremists, as there are in any advocacy constituency. They hold strong, clear views, but do not well represent the mainstream. I believe a better way to evaluate and understand the goals and desires of a group you and I don’t belong to would be to study the historical origins and evolution of the gay rights movement. It’s a direct outgrowth of the Civil Rights movement, which began with advocacy for racial equality, then for women, then expanded to encompass gender orientation and identity issues.

        Those who have opposed changes to the status quo in each of these instances tended to characterize the changes as granting “special rights” to minorities. Those who favor the changes characterize them as “equal rights”, and view the special status of majority groups as having unjust privilege.

      • Wayne says:


        Thank you again.

        I have studied the history, and LGBT did NOT grow out of Blacks struggling …. few blacks support LGBT today even after years of backlash ….

        And as for a small sampling, historically, and currently, leaders of the LGBT movement have spoken clearly. And MOST, not all, LGBT participants have followed.

        I even posted one of the few dissenters, and yes, some gays dissent against the prevailing agenda.

        Thank you again,


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