China pollutes California


I hate being right, but I have said this for a long time.

“We know that the efficiency of industry in China is not as it is good in the U.S.,” Wuebbles said. Higher efficiency of U.S. manufacturing, combined with controls on emissions and outsourcing, have made strides in reducing U.S.-based emissions.
Opinion: Pollution could turn China’s dream into nightmare
Does that mean that outsourcing manufacturing to China is bad for American public health? The study suggests that for the United States as a whole, there’s a net benefit, because the population density in the eastern United States is higher than in the West.
But the West still suffers.

From CNN.

For 100 years, Californians have outsourced their pollution to other parts of the US, because they are green.

What went around, now has returned to roost in California.

What do you think? Does California deserved to be polluted by China?



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