Why America’s economy should scare YOU.


I was reading this article reporting on Census income data.

Article here. Townhall.com – “Income percentile”

Two things pop out as scary to me.

First, they report on earned income. What people are actually paid. That works out to a $14 an hour median income (half of US earn below this).

Then they pointed out the data the Census is sliding around. They are NOT reporting welfare income. With half of Americans earning ‘unearned income,’ that means that those earning less than $14/hour are most likely to be getting ‘unearned income.’

Our tax money redistributed to those ‘the elite consider worth paying for their votes.’

BUT, if someone only gets food stamps $2,500 per year per person, and the IRS ‘unearned income credit $5,000 per child, and insurance subsidies $4,000 per year …. and DOES NOT get housing subsidy ($9,000 per year). A family of four can earn $12 an hour in welfare.

Now, I am a realist. Most of the welfare money goes to government employees ($100,000 median income about 4 times the median income of the rest of US).

So, my anger is at the government welfare recipients – the actual government employees.

But, still, how is it welfare pays about the same amount of money as a real job? How does that work? WHY does that work?


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2 Responses to Why America’s economy should scare YOU.

  1. chris risher says:

    Where do people get $5000 per child? I sure don’t. You exaggerate the benefits and ignore
    the problem of the “weaker and meeker” being pushed out of the job market. You want them to
    beg on the street corner? Welfare is really just to clean up the street corners, you know. It’s the price you pay to make the sad people go away.

    Black people are excluded from white society because of their looks. Jesus said to hate someone without cause is murder. Blacks (along with other groups) have been murdered by the ruling class all over the world for a long time and you can’t understand their anger? Christian meekness is lacking today and you will get anger and attempts at revenge.

    I like the comments on your blog about homosexuality causing a corrupted mind. I would like to know your disability that causes your unemployment.

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comments. You packed a lot into one comment.

      I have been told by people who get child tax credits that they get $5,000 per child if they work. I did not investigate further.

      Over half of those on welfare are buying a home – that is much more than just keeping people off of the street corners.

      Actually, black people are not excluded based upon looks in the USA – at least I do not, nor do the people I associate with.

      I have written about my disability often.

      And yes, all forms of hyper-sexual-gratification corrupt the mind.

      Thank you for your comment!


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