What you need to know about the court decision that just struck down net neutrality


The big internet companies cannot make enough money with tax advantages, so now they want the courts to give them even more power.

I am not certain net neutrality is the best way to go, but it is the best we have right now.

I live part time in Ukraine. I pay $15 a month for 10 megabit internet, and $10 a month for unlimited iPhone wireless, they do throttle my texts after about 40 a day. And it is slower wireless.

But, they can make a profit at $25 a month for what would cost $100 a month in the US …. and mostly provide better speeds and better service.

Thank Matthew Ingram for bringing us this article. And if you get a chance, go read his blog.

What do you think about net neutrality and big profits?



The principle behind the phrase “net neutrality” is that internet service providers of all kinds should treat data flowing over the open internet equally, without giving preferential treatment to data from one provider or platform. On Tuesday, however, the Federal Communications Commission’s rules governing that kind of behavior were struck down by an appeals court in Washington, D.C. — as reported by Gigaom’s Jeff Roberts — in a case launched by Verizon.

This decision — if it remains unchallenged — raises the possibility that large internet service providers could charge certain companies extra for delivering their content to subscribers, and give preference to the content coming from those who are willing pay them a fee, or have cut some other kind of deal. In effect, the democratized nature of the internet would be replaced by a feudal system in which the ability to reach a consumer would be auctioned off…

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