Punished for being Christian.


I hear that this cannot happen in the US. I am told that only ‘right wing fear mongers’ would say that Christians are persecuted in the US for their faith.

Well, here is one case, “USNews.com – Washington State sues florist.”

And another: Forbes.com – Gay ruling against photographer.

Chilling cases. More chilling is that lawyers can, will, and do operate outside of the law, and the Constitution. They willingly deny their own oath to the Constitution in order to persecute Christians.

In the US.

Are you as angry as I am about this?


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4 Responses to Punished for being Christian.

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  2. “Chilling cases.”

    Lawsuits due to bigotry is ‘chilling’? As opposed to people getting killed for their faith in other countries. Cry me a river.

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