How are Ukrainian Atheists different?


One of the main differences in Ukrainian Culture from American Culture, and also other Slavic Cultures, is their attitude about Religion. Especially among Atheists.

Now I have met American Atheists who also behave and believe like this, but they are rare in American culture.

I was at a Russian ‘Meetup.’ I was explaining to an American how I loved the fact that in Ukraine Atheists allow you to believe in God, and really do not care. They do not feel threatened by Christianity.

The American was surprised and spoke against what I had said. And he asked what I thought the difference was.

I said, “Well, I think it is about respect.”

The two Ukrainians next to me, said, in unison, “Exactly.” Then the elder brother continued, “Why would I disrespect my grandmother who is very religious, just because I do not believe in God?”

The American was still in shock.

But, the younger brother, who had grown up in the US continued to shake his head yes in agreement with his older brother.

I do not know ‘why’ so many American Atheists demand that all Religion stop. But, I find it a strange contrast to what I encounter abroad, and have encountered in the US. My logic professor and I used to have great and long conversations about this. He had grown up under the communists in the Slovakian Republic from Romanian family – if I got all of his background straight, he was larger than life at times.

Why is it in America that I am supposed to deny my family arriving upon the Mayflower fleeing religious persecution for Freedom of Religion? Since I had an atheist tell me they were not fleeing persecution, here is a link at the Telegraph.

Half of them DIED ….

Why have atheists taken over so many Christian Universities and punished so many Christian students – I received two very low grades just because I was a Christian …. I survived, but it hurt.

What do you think?



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9 Responses to How are Ukrainian Atheists different?

  1. MR STEPHEN F TARR says:

    Living in the bible states american children are disowned by their own families it is terrible. You respect that and they try to ban evolution being taught in schools and murdered medical people who have done abortions hatred of gays and lesbians. Why should they respect these bible toting mad people. This article needed some context

    • Wayne says:


      Not sure what context you wanted. I do not believe in hatred. But, I do know our society has changed. And much of our change is not for the better.

      Can we agree on that?



  2. Freddie Freaker says:

    I did a google search for Atheism in Ukraine and found this well-sourced article on the subject.

  3. bryan says:

    you cant be christian and Atheist, or christian and agnostic. That dosnt make sense. Atheism is anti belief and agnostic is non belief. I’m confused of your post

  4. bryan says:

    I am a fan of both systems of thought but prefer agnosticism because I think not all people are evolved enough to comprehend the beauty of Evolution and it is not fair to push the knowledge. On the other hand, I do push that people who have power to make decisions concerning 100s or more people should only have that right if they understand and agree with Evolution and what a person really is. They would of course have to keep that to themselves. I do not agree with non science related Atheism such as fictional devil worshipers or those just mad at god.

    • Wayne says:

      Great comment.

      And many Atheists agree with you. But, as a believer in Jesus Christ as Creator and God, it is not right for leaders to lie to US about what they believe, so they can lead us away from Jesus Christ.

      Just saying. According to the Bible, and what Christians believe: Anyone who leads us away from Christ, leads us to damnation.

      Thank you for your comment.


  5. bryan says:

    The reason is simple. In America we separate Atheism with agnosticism. To us they are the same but only different in the fact that agnosticism is non belief like what you are describing as your Atheism. And Atheism is anti god. To me it sounds like your belief is not Atheism, it is agnosticism. There is a difference. I believe that is the correct answer to your problem.

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