Being a Man Writing About Women’s Books


Dan is a difficult read. He makes some good points, although I think many of his good points are overshadowed by his bad points.

He is writing about why female writers suffer from gender issues.

OK, we ALL suffer from gender issues, not just women, and not just female authors.

But, the irony of his blog post, and this irony makes me wonder WHY it was selected for ‘Freshly Pressed,” is simple.

Dan got bogged down trying to describe and decide which is better, to remain an ally of women, or demand that men be replaced by women.

What happened to the old days? When we all got along? All of this gender bashing is NOT helping US, nor is it helping women. As I have blogged repeatedly, women are abused at INSANE rates today. This new era of “you must belong to a special group before we will hire you, promote you, talk to you,” is destroying America. IMHO.

What do you think?


dan holloway

Diane Shipley asked us last week whether we would consider spending a year reading only books by women. The Year of Reading Women project has become a huge talking point, yet the Vida statistics show that in the accustomed snafu little progress has been made in balancing the media’s gendered coverage of the literary world.

lf3-print-trees(the book I’m currently getting excited about – Roz Morris’ literary dystopia, lifeform three)

For me, it is this that represents the real challenge – the representation of books by women in places like this rather than the actual reading of them. Putting the focus onto reading seems like a rather handy arrogation of responsibility on the media’s part.

I very much believe that where we find discursive barriers we should make ourselves into bulldozers. I have always tried, as a literary organiser and promoter, to create shows and programmes that go beyond the gender-imbalanced…

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