Why do some Atheists hate so much?

Internet travelers,

If you follow my blog, you come across the anger and the hatred from some Atheists. They claim they do not hate, but then try to characterize me as a hater, because I am a Christian.

Strange personal attacks like that are a lapse of reason and logic, or an absence of logic and reason.

In internet language, they are trolling to make someone else angry.

But, why? What motivates someone to hate something they claim does not exist?

It reminds me of all the peace-niks when Bush was ready to enter Iraq. They were on the internet making all sorts of wild claims.

Me? I was against the war, as I am against most wars. As a former warrior myself, I know the futility of changing someone at the point of a gun. But, politicians often think that works.

Well, I merely pointed out that they could join their peace-nik friends in Bagdad. Saddam had promised they would only be placed in hospitals and schools, so the evil Americans would miss those targets. Then they were placed at weapon emplacements ….. the peace-niks wanted to come home QUICK.

If only we could find their Saddam, their kryptonite, atheists might calm down.

But, sadly, it is not all atheists. Many atheists are normal people. I have had long conversations with them about their faith and my faith. Ironically, the true atheist does believe atheism and Religions do share characteristics: faith, belief, love, good, etc. As one atheist friend might have said it, “I cannot understand someone getting so angry about something they do not believe exists. Makes me wonder what happened to them as a child.”

I agree. What short circuited their brain’s wiring? Hatred is a reaction to something. And if God does not exist, there is nothing to hate. So, something changed the normal wiring of their brains to allow non-standard thought patterns.

Yes, you know I am a geek, geek.

Since they do not believe God did something to them, who do they really believe did something to them?

They express a lot of anger and hatred towards Christians. Could someone claiming to have been a Christian abused them as a child? Their mother, their father maybe? Someone that close they may not want to blame, so they take out their anger on people they see as similar?

Maybe a priest? Their certainly has been an increase in atheism at the same time we found out homosexuals had invaded the priesthood to abuse young men …. That is scary, sick, and perverse. But, is this the correlation that is the causation of the hatred?

I do not know.

But, I feel for those who think hatred solves problems. Love covers over a multitude of wrongs (1 Peter 4: 8).

We should work upon loving each other, not attacking each other.

Why have so many atheists taken over traditional Christian schools and universities? If they are not attacking Christianity, why would they do such a thing?

I think their logic is illogical.

What do you think?



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2 Responses to Why do some Atheists hate so much?

  1. tildeb says:

    I want to reduce your rights and privilege my own. You complain? You’re making me a victim. You say you’re not making me a victim? Why are you such a hater? Don’t you know that I love you?

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment, however I hope your comment made more sense to you than it does to me.

      I do not understand why you want to limit my right to Faith, my ancestors fought for and won the First Amendment right for me, and we share that with you.

      You routinely post that “you must believe such and such.” You hope that I will make the error of either totally ignoring your claims, or the other error of trying to answer each of your claims. Both methods are illogical. And neither work.

      So, I will address your wild claims generically:

      You do NOT know me, nor what I believe. You enjoy using straw man attacks hoping I will attack the fake straw men arguments you hide behind. But, logically, the straw men you hide behind have nothing to do with our discussion, nor with your narrative. Your straw men merely distract you and others from what the real problems are.

      You cannot understand how an intelligent man can come to faith in a Scientific manner.

      I can. I have. And I continue to go forward in a Scientific manner. I look at my faith objectively almost daily.

      I look at the claims of the great atheists on a regular basis, some make great points, most make true babble. Babble is not a good foundation for Science or for Faith.

      Would you agree with that last sentence?


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