Why don’t we use the Golden Rule?

Fellow internet junkies,

Why is it we always use and abuse common sense, values, money, and other people?

We know that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us …. Jesus said that 2,000 years ago, and it has become a principle in Western Culture. And yes, it is a principle in Eastern Cultures as well – but, I am writing about the Western Culture.

I just read a blog by a now-practicing-atheist. Christians becoming atheists and telling everyone how bad Christianity is has become common today, yes it is the new black, there are many former Christians making money by becoming atheist speakers and writers. Several of the ones I know were Christian ministers, they most likely burned out, but I do not know the particulars of each of their stories.

But, I do know, each one is VERY touchy about their transition and their “new found faith.” Very touchy.

OK, I get the conversion. Mostly. But, I do not understand hating what you once believed – you will find my story above. I made that journey BEFORE they paid you to leave the church.

I was not abused by my fellow Christians. I was NEVER threatened. I did not have a long story to tell people about how bad every Christian in the world was.

Because I knew that was not true.

So, I did not go around writing bad about other people.

To be fair, some of the new-atheists are not aggressive, and some are.

But, honestly?

What goes around will come around. That is not ‘karma.’ That is a fact of life.

If you want people to love you, you must love them. Do not betray them, betrayal is NOT LOVE. Betrayal is hate.

And if you have been a Pastor and do not understand that, how can you tell people you were ever a Christian?

Maybe I am old-fashioned. Maybe it is because I am a true believer. Maybe it is because I went through the ‘Dark Night.’

Maybe I just do not understand the new-atheist?

Does anyone understand the new-atheist?



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6 Responses to Why don’t we use the Golden Rule?

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    As a first-time visitor here .. and I decide to comment on, of all topics, this one!

    I’m Christian, yet I accept Atheists for what they are. As Pope Francis stated, one must follow their conscience. Many Atheists are good, loving, respectful people – how can anyone not appreciate that?

    On the other hand, there are those who expend a great deal of energy of hate and disrespect – and that I don’t get. To those who say we are hypocrites, I say ‘aren’t we all’ … after all, life as a human isn’t easy … and we have a tendency to act on our selfish nature.

  2. tildeb says:

    Yes. I understand what a New Atheist is and what constitutes this form of atheism and why it’s important and why it is having the desired affect.

    You are correct, Wayne (if you lose the question mark): you don’t understand and, more importantly, you don’t care to understand. You care more about maintaining your religious beliefs than you do about the rights, freedoms, and dignity of personhood negatively affected by their exercise on others. You don’t care about this harm to real people in real life and you don’t care to have to justify supporting it. You don’t care about the truth value of your beliefs. You assume a virtue for being a believer and there is no evidence in the world you will ever accept that justifies legitimate criticism of them… including the real harm of real people! For this demonstration here on your blog and elsewhere in the comments you make, I think you don’t care about what’s true or what’s knowable, who gets hurt, why you are partly responsible, and why you feel you can avoid personal responsibility for the beliefs you hold. Because you exercise belief to avoid personal responsibility for them, you lack principle, lack intellectual integrity, lack stewardship for them, and you remain forever convinced that you are pious to act as the fool, speak as the fool, and remain proud of being foolish, credulous, and gullible to the point of delusional.

    What you will never know – can never know when armed by your reality-denying beliefs – is why this is so, nor appreciate the effort others go to to get you to grow up, leave the delusion behind, and take responsibility for your actions, for your beliefs that inform them, and make positive, lasting changes in how you deal with reality that will free you from the delusions you have built into a garrison mentality under attack from heathens and apostates.

    Once revealed to you and accepted by you based on compelling evidence you have adduced from reality, I have no doubt you would be mortified to realize the extent of your gullibility, the depth of your credulousness, and the scope of the betrayal of those who taught you to trust these false beliefs and impose them on a contrary reality to the extent that you see no personal accounting for them that harms real people in real life.

    Alone, New Atheists as an active voice in the public domain will understand your anger and listen to your story of how you were not just duped but learned how to participate in the duping of others. Your shame will be real and heartfelt and you will feel obligated to make amends, to try to help rather than harm others by doing what you should have been doing all along: take personal responsibility for the beliefs you empower, be honest, respect reality, and speak truth to power that corrupts minds such as yours.

    Or not.

    • Wayne says:

      All the hate inside of you …. and you blame me and rant on with an extended ad hominem ….

      Whatever happened to you, it was not because of people like me – we are not about hurting people, but we are about loving people.

      Father, my God, Tildeb needs your loving presence this week.


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