Geneticists claim GMO’s are good for you.


I love what passes for Science in the modern world. If I can claim I did it once in a laboratory, then you MUST accept it and move on.

Here is a story about modern Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). I thank the BBC for reporting this.

However, I cannot believe scientists have forgotten Thalidomide. Read more about that disaster here: British Science Museum.

Are we moving backwards? We are no longer testing long term side effects? In the BBC article, it was briefly mentioned that they ‘hoped’ they had generated the correct Omega-3 fatty acids ….

Can you imagine your next hamburger, or steak, being delivered to you with, “We hope this is actually made from cow meat.” That is much bigger than the surprise the vegetarians got when they found out McDonald’s was spraying their french fries with ‘meat material.’

I think. What do you think?



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