What do we do about Volgograd bombers


The bombers in Volgograd are terrorists determined to topple Russia.

Radical activists like the ‘music’ group “Pussy Riot” support the same objective.

Ironically, we call one the terrorists, and the other, we are told we should support for free speech reasons.

Well, both are terrorists. And both have the objective of damaging Russia.

What should we do?

Therein is the problem. In order for US to be safe, we must take precautions. And that would include things like not going to the Sochi Olympics. The very objective the terrorists have demanded ….

The opposing view would take us TO the Olympics. If we go to the Olympics we should consider tightening our personal security.

Remember, the Russians have a tighter security zone around Sochi than they did around Volgograd. The terrorists had better capability to conduct strikes in Volgograd than they do in Sochi.

Or, the strikes would have been in Sochi.

But, we should still look over our shoulder from time to time. Be aware of our surroundings. Are we being followed? Do we see someone carrying a package, or back pack, who is acting very nervous?

And as always, we should pray.

Will you join me as I pray?



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