Have you heard in the news that the nasty Ukrainian government has banned foreigners? Russian Times reports foreigners are banned from Ukraine.But, if the reports are honest, there will be fine print indicating it is only ‘some activists.’ Or, trouble makers.

I know. Because I went right through Immigration and Customs.

Much easier than it is for me as an American Citizen to go back into the US ….

So, why do the media lie to US?


To be honest? A conspiracy would make more sense …. But, I think it is just big government out of control, or, when you give control to weak minded people, they lose grasp of common decency and treat the Citizen worse than they would treat a dog.

So, I am very tired… I HURT. But, I already slept 8 hours, and I do not want to try to sleep more, but I may ….

Should I sleep more?




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