What are the gays afraid of?


As I listen to all of the talk about Phil Robertson, I have to ask myself, “What are the gays really afraid of?”

No one is talking about deportation, execution, or arrests. Or even firing them. Instead they are firing Christians for speaking their mind, and they are attacking the very Christians as hate mongers.

I do not know Phil, I really do not like him. To me, he is another hollywood actor, getting rich.

But, I do have a good friend here in San Antonio. He is a Pastor. And he has stood up against the gay agenda, and he has been vilified. He is a grand-father. A good man. Honest. Hard working.

And he has members of his church who have been attacked for being Christian. One was placed under a felony investigation. He was asked what he believed. He answered what he believed.

My pastor friend has been targeted by the gay agenda for speaking up about this travesty of justice.

OK, if you do not want to hear what they Bible tells US about the homosexual act, do NOT ask US.

Why would you ask someone about their faith and expect them to lie to you? You do not. You ask US, so you can trip US up.

So, if you are gay, what are YOU afraid of?

Are you really that afraid of me telling you that the Bible says you will go to hell? Or, the Bible says you are living in sin?

The Bible said that about ME until I gave my life to Jesus. And for some time after that, I continued to sin.

I never lied to myself.

So, what is the agenda here? What narrative do you want to hear from me?

What would you like to hear from Phil?

All I know is simple. Jesus loves everyone. He loves you. He loves me. He loves Phil.

I love you. In Christ, it is easy for me to say that, believe that, and know that.

But, love does not change what the Bible says about my life or your life. In fact, Love makes it necessary for you to understand clearly about Jesus.

He came, He lived, He died, and He rose from the dead, as the Firstborn among many. But, not all. Not all.

I cannot change that.

But, why would that make you so afraid? It does not make Muslims, or Mormons afraid.

So, why is the Truth so difficult for a gay man or woman to hear?



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