Ukraine live web cam from Kiev


[Updated 20 Feb 2014]

[Now that war has started, real news has become even more difficult to find. I may have to go back to Ukraine. I continue to pray for peace and freedom in Ukraine.]

It is difficult to find real news, and it is just as difficult to find a live web cam. This is the ONLY web cam I can find which is working.

Most are showing pictures from over a month ago.

If your Ukrainian is better than mine, you might understand the lectures. I do not. But, I enjoy keeping up to date on the situation.

Especially when our DEFENSE department is talking WAR …. DON’T ASK ME whatDefense Secretary Hagel is thinking.


I have seen NO indications that this is headed anywhere other than long term peaceful demonstrations. Yes, there were trouble makers. Yes, the police beat some of them up.

But, IMHO, it has been very well organized and peaceful. This is not like OWS, or other American protests where people are killed, hundreds arrested, cars bombed, etc. They are just singing, most of the time. And the police are trying to keep the streets open for traffic during the day.

I pray for Ukraine ….


[This webcam was taken offline, but keep checking back, it may go back online.]


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6 Responses to Ukraine live web cam from Kiev

  1. Pete says:

    Thank you Wayne for visiting my blog. I found your words..”I think America 1950 was much better than America Version 2.0 is …. So, I really hope someone inspires our next generation” inspirational and I agree with them very much. I hope if you stop by again you find something worthy of your time…

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    By the way…Love what you have here luvsiesous ….We have all got to get a hold of our governments..We are a people of Nations, good people generally care and have compassion for each other, and want peace in their lives, to live it and taste it’s freedoms every day.
    But our governments are keeping us tormented and afraid of each other…
    We are the voices of hope, and for our children’s sake, we had better start getting it right, and these people in Kiev, are trying to do just that, and I am so proud of them!
    My heart aches for those who were innocently slaughtered here.

  3. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    This is what bloody happens to your rights to peacefully protest when a government has taken your guns from you. and we had best remember that.
    These people are being sniped by their own soldiers, their fellow countryman, by orders of their own government.
    The Protesters were peaceful…The protest were not, and this government made darn well sure of it by sniping innocent citizens, men and woman…
    And Obama…Well, once again this inane President shows his lack of any leadership skills and has repetitively said that these protest were peaceful, when in fact they clearly were not, how insane and coldly calculated were his statements regarding this slaughter!
    And on another note…To many of my Conservative Brothers and Sisters are screaming louder with each passing day for a Revolution, only fools would so carelessly wish for something that will find death marching upon their own homes and families, the horrors of a Revolutionary war in this day and age will leave no one untouched, each of us will come to know the loss of a loved one and we had better know it, and be prepared for such if it did ever happen!
    It’s not something that should be taken lightly, just seeing the streamline of videos and pictures coming from Kiev and Venezuela should be warning enough.
    We still have a good grip on our Government, we still have a loud and mighty voice and we still have the ballot boxes and had better start using them properly. The problem isn’t so much the Politicians as it are the voters…How can we dare say we need to fix this Government, when it is we the People who are broken, we are the ones broken, we keep reelecting the criminals into office even knowing they are corrupted, and then cry, we had no choice?
    But in fact, we do have a choice. Let them loose their seats!
    Then take them back…If not, then we are going to soon see this very thing here in the States!

  4. Peder says:

    On this page you can find another video from the same webcam, if above link do not work for you try this one.. It is from Danish Tv2 and also show video from the demonstration

  5. Peder says:

    There is a live webcam if you use the below link.. It is from Danish National Tv, so im not aware if people outside of Denmark can view the webcam since sometimes the online tv on this cannel is only avaliable to people who ahve a Danish IP address… The webcam is live from the Demonstration.

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