Україна між Майданом і Майданеком


This is a blog stating the opposition to the current regime in Ukraine.

And it shows the current problem from that side very well. Their President is seen as a corrupt outsider. He is seen as a dictator who owes his allegiance to the former Soviet Union.

I pray for Ukraine. Why? No dictatorship that powerful would have allowed free democratic protest for this long.

The hope of the youth, just like in America, is being destroyed. And that is not good.

But, joining Europe would bring what? A huge debt. A HUGE debt. Europe would love Ukraine to join them and pay for their mistakes in Spain, Italy, and Greece. But, is that debt good for Ukraine?

The other problem? Europe wants Ukraine to become like them. Higher divorce rates, less respect for family and less opportunity for women.

Read this author (use google translate if you need to), get a picture of what the opposition believes. But, remember to pray for a peaceful Ukraine.


Блог політолога і журналіста-міжнародника Віктора Каспрука

Віктор Каспрук

Третя Українська Республіка

Гарячий початок зими в Україні і громадянська непокора Євромайдана ставлять перед українським суспільством питання, відповіді на які потрібно спробувати знаходити уже сьогодні. Адже, як показали усі ці надзвичайно важкі дні протистояння з диктатурою Януковича, опозиція часто діє так, немов режим збирається змагатися з нею на правовому полі.

І розвиток подальших подій в Україні може трагічним чином підтвердити це припущення. Адже головний політичний постулат режиму «донецьких» полягає у тому, що він ніколи і ні за яких обставин не збирається поступатися владою.

Для цього й було не тільки нейтралізовано у незаконний спосіб одного з лідерів української опозиції Юлію Тимошенко, а й ліквідовано свободу слова і демократичні здобутки минулих часів.

А головне, що Віктор Янукович настільки вже «прикипів» до президентської посади, що відірвати його від неї можливо лише разом із троном, на якому він так комфортно для себе умостився.

Фактично Янукович приватизував владу в Україні. І тому будь-які…

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6 Responses to Україна між Майданом і Майданеком

  1. Just another drang-nach-Osten operation.
    Guess Russia is going to pay dearly; 15 billion bucks is just for starters.
    They’ll never return the money.
    Sorry bro.
    Yanuk is not a dictator.
    Uncle Joe was a dictator.
    Adolf was a dictator.
    The differnce between dictators and tradesmen is that dictators solve problems; tradesmen just sell and buy.
    When you read an article just try to read it carefully; it saves misunderstanding.
    “Perhaps it is the fate of the Ukraine to save Europe from Donetsk-Asiatic hordes. But Ukrainian people can’t manage the task without help. We, therefore, more than ever, need the European assistance.”
    Adolf tried to save Europe from Bolshevism once.
    Even the rhetoric hasn’t changed;
    “In early 1941, the Nachtigall unit was formed, under Bandera, and outfitted in the standard Wehrmacht uniforms, placing blue and yellow ribbons on their shoulders. Their aims were outlined in a May 1941 Krakow meeting: “Moskali (derogatory term for Russians), Poles, Jews are hostile to us must be exterminated in this struggle, especially those who would resist our regime: deport them to their own lands, importantly: destroy their intelligentsia that may be in the positions of power … Jews must be isolated, removed from governmental positions in order to prevent sabotage, those who are deemed necessary may only work with an overseer… Jewish assimilation is not possible.”
    The source
    The question is; what is the interest of the Yanks here?
    Freedom like in the US of A?
    Or what?

    • Wayne says:

      That is my question.

      I do not think Europe has good interests in mind. And I know that Senator McCain was out of touch with the Ukrainian people as much as he is with the American People.

      Americans want FREEDOM. And all we have been given is DEBT. Debt is slavery by a new name.

      I think Ukrainians understand that. But, I will see soon.


    • Wayne says:


      That is Awesome! I tried to reply over on your page, but I am not sure if it went through.

      Save me a spot! I will be there in a week.



  2. Thank you very much for your support Ukraine. For us it is very important.

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