Unrest in Ukraine?


I have been following the ‘unrest’ in Ukraine. And I can tell you, what is reported is NOT what is happening.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what is happening. But, I will try to get close.

News (western) is reporting violence and unrest. Occasionally, reports come out of the food, music, dancing, and singing of the ‘opposition.’ Well, there is an ‘opposition’ to the ‘opposition’ as well. And they are doing mostly the same thing.

But, when I went to watch the ‘live cam,’ I saw people just walking around in the cold.

Here is the BBC report, Ukraine police move on protesters and opposition party. The BBC shows police guards lined up facing ‘protestors.’

But, when I went to Earth TV: Kyev (04:15 AM), people are just walking around. Like nothing is happening. By the way, the Kyev (Kiev) video is of the Independence square where the ‘protestors’ are. Independence Square is “maidan nezalezhnosti” in Ukrainian.

So? What do I think is happening?

I think the Ukrainians are enjoying an opportunity to PARTY. Slavic people always want any reason to have a get together. Party, eat, drink, discuss …. these are what Ukrainian people DO. On the streets, at restaurants, and in their homes.

So, I think the Ukrainians are TIRED of the political standstill. They have thought for 20 years they would move towards Western Standards of living. They have thought they would have better jobs by now.

But, they live the same life their parents lived. Except some of them can afford a BMW or a Mercedes.

They want positive change, not the terrible change America got. They do NOT want to pay almost a year of their GDP to the EU for a chance to ‘join.’

But, they want a chance to move away from years of corruption. Years of greed. They want years of reasonable prosperity. So, they can afford to take off a week and dance in the streets ….

Are they ‘angry?’ Yes, but not like Americans would be. Do they want change? Yes, but not what Europe or America wants.

The want to be Ukraine.

What do you think?



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