Why Switchfoot won’t sing Christian songs

Friends another music star is asked about being a Christian.

His answer sounds sweet to the ears.

But, and I do mean BUT, what would it sound like to God?

His answer was not, “Yes, I am a believer in Jesus. I needed forgiveness of my sin and Jesus gave me that.”

His answer was something like, “God created. His image is in me. I am a creator.”

It was similar logic that led the Jews to try to stone Jesus for making himself out to be God.

Did the singer mean to do that? Probably not.

BUT, he did cross that line. He did state that ‘creativity’ is godly.

Well. Porn stars and gays create daily. And I doubt their creations are godly.

About switchfoot? I do not know.

But, I am wary about sweet sounding political answers. My grandfather used to tell me, and the last 40 years have proven him right, “When you do not understand something, look at the money trail.”

What do you think?



Lead singer Jon Foreman was asked if Switchfoot is a “Christian” band. His response is worth pondering.

“To be honest, this question grieves me because I feel that it represents a much bigger issue than simply a couple SF tunes. In true Socratic form, let me ask you a few questions: Does Lewis or Tolkien mention Christ in any of their fictional series? Are Bach’s sonata’s Christian? What is more Christ-like, feeding the poor, making furniture, cleaning bathrooms, or painting a sunset? There is a schism between the sacred and the secular in all of our modern minds. The view that a pastor is more ‘Christian’ than a girls volleyball coach is flawed and heretical. The stance that a worship

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