I think I will need to write about this several times focusing upon different aspects of the problem.

But, Feminism? Just like Evolution took an idea and promised US Science would prove that idea valid.

I have blogged, and will blog more on Evolution and how improbable it is that we Evolved.

The difference being, Feminism had a real chance of working.

Why? Feminism addressed a real problem in addition to some they made up.

Some men abuse their wives and children.

We were promised that, if we (USA) and they (Europe and beyond) would embrace feminism, they (the feminists) would empower women, and the problems would be gone.


From the 1950’s and 1960’s when Feminism made its grand entrance and promises until now, women have gone from about a 5% abuse rate to about a 30% abuse rate.

How is that ‘good?’

I remember in the early 1970’s when my grandfather told some other men in his church, “We need to have a talk with ‘John.’ I am hearing he is not doing right with his wife.”

Maybe he wasn’t bring in enough money, maybe he pushed her. But, that does not matter.

Men took ‘John’ down the side of the church, and I watched waiting to see what would happen. Well, they only had a conversation, so I didn’t get to see a ‘show,’ or hear anything.

But, that WAS the way things are done by MEN.

I live in Ukraine, and I have seen correction there as well.

What has Feminism done? It blamed all men. GOOD MEN AND BAD MEN.

Now they adore bad men, and they deplore good men.

So, what do you think boys want to be when they grow up now?

Is it any wonder that Feminism added to the problem instead of fixing the problem?

What are your thoughts?



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