Tip your gay waitress ….

OK, everyone, I must give you a spoiler alert, a lot of people are commenting the waitress made this up.

CNN article.

But, in case the waitress was not faking this incident, “Tip your gay waitress.”

Unless she is being rude to be rude – I have had two lesbians do that. But, neither was a waitress. And if a waitress was rude to me because she was a lesbian, I would leave. Forget the meal.

But, if you get good service, tip your waitress. If you get bad service, do not tip.

Leaving a comment about someone’s lifestyle on your ticket?

Unless she was being offensive, ignore her lifestyle. If she is being offensive, leave.

I am a traditional American, if you do not want me there, I am more than willing to leave you in your misery.

What do you think?

Should you stiff a waitress if she is gay?



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