The problem with the Gay Agenda


I just blogged on the waitress who was not tipped because of her lifestyle.

Was it true? I don’t know.

But, it brought to my mind a problem with the Gay Agenda which no one is discussing –


For decades the Gay Agenda has marched forward. At first, they only wanted the ‘right’ to do what they did in private. Then it was public recognition, and they promised they would never want marriage rights. Then they moved their goals to marriage. Now they want more rights than single people.

OK, that all leads to backlash against their agenda.

From whom?

Probably the millions of Americans who have been victimized by people they identify as Gay.

I know. I know. ‘Every’ gay person will tell you, “Only pedophiles seduce teenagers.” But, there are two problems with that. First, that is not true. Pedophiles go after pre-pubescent children. Second, most victims identify their aggressor as gay, not pedophile.

Since the victim population is about three times the size of the gay population, the continued push of the Gay Agenda will eventually result in a very strong anti-Gay Agenda.

I believe that just as most assaults on gays are by gay people, most victims do not want to deal with gay people.

Just a guess. A hunch.

But, as the Gay Agenda continues to push their rights over the rights of victims, I think a group of concerned victims will eventually push back against the agenda.

What do you think?



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