Lessons in Feminism, From my Father.

Can someone explain this blog for me?

Now I understand she grew up in a different culture than I did. And maybe that is part of why I didn’t understand her blog.

And for the author, congratulations on being freshly pressed.

The author contrasted her father (a feminist) and the fathers around her, (not feminists). She wrote that feminism respects women, does that mean I must become a feminist in order to respect women? Does this mean the fathers of her friends did not respect women?

The great feminist social experiment led many young women into poverty. Is poverty respectful of our women?

And how about the increase in abuse our young women face because of feminism’s failure to protect them.

I wonder, as I have wondered in the past, “Why are women doing so badly today if feminism is so good for women?”


If men were the problem, and feminism fixed those terrible men, then why are so many women abused today? Why is there more violence against women today than there was 70 years ago?

Didn’t we empower women to fix the problem?

Could it be, could it really be, that male led families were better at protecting our girls from violence than female led families are today? Could it be that those terrible men were really good at “taking care of women and children, first?”

Is it possible that putting women in charge has lessened the desire men felt to protect their women?

Is it possible that society might fix the problems caused by this social experiment?

Or, are our young women doomed to live in fear of the dark?

I remember a personal story when I went to Texas Woman’s University. I was checking out a book from the library at TWU, when the feminist beside me insulted me. She told the girl checking out my book to “Beware that man, all he wants to do is have sex with you.” She actually spent a couple of minutes trying to berate all men, before she brought me into her problem.

I told her she was “Rude. And ‘No. I do not just want to have sex with every woman I meet.” And she “needed to take her jealousy elsewhere.”

She glowered at me. Finished with her book check out. And left.

And then the two young women began to tell me “She always does that to us. She always follows us to our cars at night.”

The two young women were worried about their jobs when I asked to speak to their manager about this.

But, the following week, the one girl told me, “Thank YOU so MUCH!”

I asked her for what?

She said, “They now have a security guard walking with us to our cars. When they found out how this woman had stalked us for most of the last year, they took her in, and told her to stop, or she would be kicked out of the University. AND, they gave us an escort – just in case she didn’t listen.”

I am glad I was a man, raised to be a real man. And I am glad I took a stand against the problem in that feminist when I encountered her. Maybe the crazy feminist would not have attacked one of those girls.

Funny end to the story. The stalker would not stop stalking girls on campus. Once security was aware of her problems, they gave her a chance, and then she was quickly asked to leave the University.

Maybe, just maybe, good men are a good answer for problems in society.

What do you think?



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