A soldier fights to get a battle buddy back from Iraq


This topic is difficult for me.

On the one hand, I feel for people who do want to immigrate to America. And the other hand, we have a lot of people from groups like al-Qaeda who want to sneak into America to harm US.

What do you think?


CNN Security Clearance

By Jake Tapper and Eric Marrapodi

It is military creed that you do not leave your battle buddies behind. But in many ways the U.S. government is doing just that.

Thousands of Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who served U.S. soldiers in those respective wars – not only translating, but serving as eyes and ears for troops – have been left behind, and in some cases were killed. Those trying to avoid this fate by pursuing visas to come to this country have been trapped in a maze of U.S. bureaucracy, weighed down by post-9/11 security.

The Washington Post last week wrote in an editorial, “We find it incomprehensible that the State Department is dragging its feet in providing these interpreters with U.S. visas.”

Here is one such story.

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