The Sexual Revolution


Can you tell me how the sexual revolution is ‘good’ for people?

And so you know, I have wanted to write about this for some of my Ukrainian friends for some time. It seems in Russia and Ukraine, they are starting to experiment with the US idea of ‘sexual freedom.’

Studies show the most satisfied sex partners are conservative husbands and wives.

Monogamy. What a concept. Very traditional. And it has worked for thousands of years.

And it still works in most of the world. Contrary to what you read on the ‘internet.’

So, why the push for non-monogamous relationships?

Power. Control. Pleasure. Greed.

If I want to control you, and gain as much pleasure as I can get from the relationship until I throw the relationship away, I need power over you.

Historically, you didn’t have that power over people. Women would say, “Not until you marry me.” And many men said the same thing.

So, what changed?

Progressive feminism became politically militant. And they did something powerful. They took a problem, a crisis, and they took control of it.

What was the problem?

Around 5% of American women were abused by their husbands.

Terrible. Outrageous. Un-believable.

And then what happened? They gave US the sexual revolution. And now around 30% of American women are abused at some time in their lives …..

Between 6 and 10 fold increase in abuse of our women.



We were lied to, maybe it was accidental, but how do I know they lied? Because when they broke American social norms they never came back and said, “Ooops. The problem is much, much worse. We really need to fix this experiment.”

No. they went on to the ‘next’ experiment.

I told this to a very progressive doctor from the north east. I think Boston area, as I was flying to Ukraine.

She volunteered around the world setting up abortion clinics and having talks to ’empower women.’

She looked at me. And she said,

“I have never thought of it this way before. I need to rethink what I have believed.”

How much did our conversation change her, I do not know.

But, the truth is


They don’t.

Abuse rates are way up.

Sexual disease is way up.

Divorce is way up. FEAR OF COMMITMENT IS WAY UP, and commitment is down.

Children grow up without fathers – and our crime rates go WAY UP. And then the social experimenters want US to just release the poor criminals, instead of stopping the experiment ….. and going back to children having fathers ….

What a concept ….

Can we fix the broken experiment called the US?


When I studied sexology back in the 1980’s, I was surprised to read in the “Hite report” that conservative Christian women enjoyed sex much more than other women. Hite dismissed HER OWN DATA ….

But, the reality is women and men enjoy deeper and greater sexual satisfaction when they open up to their ‘one true love.’


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2 Responses to The Sexual Revolution

  1. I don’t believe it is good for anyone. With technology we are able to click and select things/stuff immediately. The Reality shows kids competing in the Voice and Master Chef kids is answering that instant gradification philosophy. I want to cringe when kids at the age of 11 say they have wanted this all there lives. Timing and perserverance are important necessary tools we all must live because we are evolving and getting to the life that is waiting which gives me hope and understanding of myself and life, respectively.

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