Why don’t we reduce pollution?

Can anyone tell me why?

BBC article.

All of our politicians say it is a problem, BBC reported they had a quick and easy fix.

But, everyone says it is someone else’s problem.

I drive a much smaller car than I used to, just so I can help out. And that does make a difference, but it would help if our governments would hold each other accountable instead of kicking the can down the road.


It is just a gimmick to keep us from reducing real pollution, do not misunderstand, I am for reducing CO2 emissions. But, getting rid of dogs and cats world wide would solve the ‘CO2’ problem – I am a realist.

Plastic garbage, garbage, industrial waste, toxins, and many other pollutants could be easily reduced.

One glaring reduction? Force everyone to eat the whole shark instead of just the ‘fins.’ Instead of 10 pounds, you would have 1,000 pounds of meat. You would need thousands of sharks instead of millions ….

I am a realist, quick and easy fixes are possible, but only if we are willing to DO SOMETHING.

Are you ready to help do something about needless pollution?



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2 Responses to Why don’t we reduce pollution?

  1. ronnied50 says:

    Simply I would say “People like to pollute environment”.

    For example- People like to eat meat. Meat is an important source of protein, but certain types are actually worse for the environment. Organic fed animals produce less carbon dioxide than animals that are given hormones to grow larger.

    Buying free range meats will reduce air pollution and support the humane treatment of animals.

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