Why did the BBC underreport Christian Martyrs?

Can anyone tell me why?

Are there really 100,000 new Christian martyrs every year?

Ruth Alexander questioned ONE report of 100,000 Christians murdered every year. That report only focused upon two Muslim on Christian wars.

And to discount those two wars she tried to claim that the Muslims were actually Christians …. In the two wars she cited, Congo and Rwanda, the genocide was mostly tribal, but Christians were killed, and Islam did grow. And a lot of that was around Muslim controlled tribal areas.

Even though she chose a mostly sectarian (tribal warfare) genocide, she could have looked around the world very quickly and seen a bigger picture.

She ignored completely Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia (big problems there), Philippines, and Sudan.

Reasonable estimates would place the overall death rate of Christians world-wide as dying because of their faith at between 200,000 and 500,000. Most, but no where near all, of those are killed by Islamists.

And I would like to point out, it would be next to impossible to differentiate between Muslim Fundamentalists slaughtering Christians in a war area, and other independent tribal terrorists. But, most of the killing happens in and around Muslim controlled areas.

So, while I believe over half of the killings of Christians each year are by Muslim Fundamental groups, it could be that most or almost all of the killings are by sectarian rebel groups …. difficult to tell.

So, why did she cherry pick? My guess is (1) she did not research her topic, or (2) she intentionally lied about her topic.

I hope her failure was the first reason, she did not research. How about you, which reason do you think caused her to fail?

PS for research you can google Christian deaths and ____ fill in the country.
A good resource she did not look at would be persecution.org.


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