We sometimes think America is the only world power.

We are not. Not even close.

China is one huge country.

I wrote about their grab for oil some time back, and I would like to point out how China has grabbed influence all around the world. My previous blog: China invades 5 countries. Understand that all of the countries around the area feel they are being attacked.

OK, why are American soldiers dying in Afghanistan, so China can profit in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and around the world?

Think about that. Do not think of China as bad, or America as bad, or China as good, or America as good.

Just think about the reality.

American soldiers have paid the way for Chinese government and businesses to grow their political and business presence around the world.

Not for American interests. Instead, the US government just told our soldiers, “Go! Fight!”

The US soldiers (& allied soldiers) paved the way in their blood for China to grow their interests around the world.

OK. I won’t ask ‘Why?’ I won’t look at the politics of all of that. Or the money, or the lives lost.

Because, what American elites have already messed up, you and I can not change. We cannot rewrite history.

But, can we negotiate a better solution than a war over oil in the South China Sea?

I think so.

I think a better business solution would be in the best interest of everyone involved.

And it would keep my brothers in arms from fighting an even bloodier battle, they should not fight.

But, how would we go about negotiating a better future for China and the countries with claims on the South China Sea?

And I do mean a business deal – politics and me do not get along. How do we make a business proposition that makes all parties better off?

A ‘win win.’ That is always the solution that is best for everyone.

What do you think?

Can we make a big win win for everyone?



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