How I study Russian.

If you ever learn another language, please do yourself a favor, study with people who KNOW the language.

Too much of our learning is Anglo-centric. For example, when I studied Spanish, I did not learn Mexican or Castilian Spanish. I learned text-book American Spanish. Some of it was Castilian, some was Mexican, and other words and phrases were Venezuelan and some other Argentine …..

Here is what I am using the most. Quizlet is a fancy flash card system. That works well for me.

I also use, not as much as I used to.

I use Pimsleur. The one complaint I have about Pimsleur, is I do not have the words, so I can stay up with the lessons.

I have thought about other programs. I like the Michel Thomas method slightly better than the Pimsleur method, but the accents of their ‘assistant’ learners are horrid.

And the ‘faked’ difficulty with new words is hard on my ears, and terribly slow once you have heard it once.

Personally, I would love bi-lingual graded readers. We use them in English. Russians have them for their kids in Russian. But, alas, they are difficult to find ….

Russian is difficult. But, we should not make learning the language more difficult.

Does that make sense to you?



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