Why do most atheists hate Jesus?


I have often thought of this. And I still do not understand this. But, most atheists hate Jesus, the concept of Jesus, what Jesus did, and especially how people react to the life of Jesus.

And I still do not understand it.

Let me compare this to Buddha.

The record that he existed is not as prolific as the record that Jesus existed. For one, many who are against the life of Jesus recorded that Jesus lived, died, and was believed to have risen.

Roman emperors, religious leaders of the time, and several religious leaders in the years after Jesus attested to the life of Jesus.

The religious leaders of the time included mystics who wanted to change the message of Jesus to their religion and Jews who did not want to accept the news that their Savior had actually come to save them. The Jews believed their Savior would fight a war with the Romans.

And then leaders like Mohamed taught that Jesus lived, although Mohamed did like many religious leaders during Jesus’ time, he tried to change what Jesus said, and what He did.

OK, Buddha is only attested to by his followers. We really do not have his contemporaries discussing him as a great religious leader. And Buddha did not make the claims that Jesus made.

But, a billion people today follow his teachings. And as a religion, I could decide they are so wrong, and Jesus is so right, that I should hate anyone who believes in Buddha. Because I of course would hate everything Buddha stood for.

But, I do not hate Buddha. I do not like his teachings. I believe he was someone who taught better than those before him. But, I do not believe his teachings have a true spiritual value.

I do not hate Buddhists. I just think they are misguided.

So, why are atheists so different? Why do so many hate Jesus? Why do so many atheists hate Christians?

Why do they hate George Washington?

Why do most of them hate their own great-great-grandparents?

That is very difficult to understand.

Does it make sense to you?



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2 Responses to Why do most atheists hate Jesus?

  1. adavis0219 says:

    I’d like to hear what people have to say. Interesting.

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