This is what I live with ….


I kinda teared up as I watched this video.

KSU Wildcats have a pre-game ritual. They have one of their cheer leaders dressed like an opposing fan, and their mascot tackles the student.

Well, this time, the student went into tremors. I know they call it a seizure, but my doctors tell me that means you go unconscious. I guess that would be a big deal.

Here is the page with the video.

Well, I do not lose as much control as he did, but I get the nerve short circuit he did. Sometimes my arms, often my legs. Sometimes from the bottom of my hair to the bottoms of my feet.

And usually when I try to sleep. Although it is not usually as bad as it used to be. It used to be accompanied by what felt like a major electric shock to my spinal cord. Lower Back, Middle Back, or Neck …. occasionally all three …. those were BAD. The shock has lessened to several times a year. But, the tremors?

All the time. If you count the cramps and biting my tongue, they happen several times daily ….

All because of government medicine.

Would you believe I am very anti-ObamaCare?

I wonder why. Do you?


PS, I have to spend about $5,000 a year for their damage to me …. Talk about painful …. that is painful.


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