Is tradition a bad thing?


Have you noticed how everyone has to outdo everyone before them? Miley Cyrus had to become a stripper on stage to outdo Madonna. And who was before her? Probably a different stripper.

But, tradition would tell us, a stripper is a ‘bad woman.’

Now, I want to clarify, there are two sides to that equation. Some women genuinely feel stuck, and without job skills, so they turn to ‘easy money.’ Others are bad women.

But, tradition tells they are all bad women, because not very many of them are ‘good women.’

But, we are told we cannot profile. GOVERNMENT cannot profile US. Tradition has proven that most profiling is a GREAT THING.

You are walking down a dark street in New York City, and you see a bunch of people walking towards you. They are loud, and they cannot walk straight.

Do you, go down the side street, and not be noticed. Or, should you walk up to them and say, “Hey there drunk people. Tradition says I should ignore you, but I am a chance taker, and I want you to know I am here. So, if you are up to no good, I am your available target.

Now, that is a little bit over blown for an example.

But, it is a great example. Because we all know immediately, it would not be a good thing to do. We might make new friends, but we would also be likely to get mugged, beaten, or killed.

So, is tradition a bad thing?

Sometimes. Especially all the new fangled traditions like Miley Cyrus.

What do you think?



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