Why does Canada use so much OIL?

I am researching how far down American energy consumption has dropped compared to the world.

And what do I find?

Canada uses 10% more oil per person than the US does.



And I ask that seriously, why would Canada use so much more oil than we do?



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4 Responses to Why does Canada use so much OIL?

  1. tildeb says:

    Wayne, did you not notice the graphic heading the link? The US is in red, meaning it is by far the the biggest consumer of oil. The US uses about 18.6 billion barrels per year, Canada in comparison is 2.3. We use a huge amount of energy to produce more energy to sell to the US in the form of electricity, gas, and oil. It’s all way, way too much to be sustainable without drastically altering the planet’s climate (China, BTW comes in slightly more than half compared to the US).

  2. tildeb says:

    Gee, I don’t know. Bunch of greedy piggies, maybe?

    Oh, wait. When I recall basic geography, I seem to remember something about a country somewhere up north that spreads across half the globe but with a population of only about 10% of the US. Let me ponder that for a moment when I consider energy use. Umm… north may play a role in that the weather might be less than ideal and so energy might be used to alleviate the extreme temperatures in their domiciles and places of business. Maybe.

    I also might consider what it means to energy use when markets are distant. Maybe transportation over vast distances could conceivably play a role on a per capita comparison.

    Hey, I seem to recall that there is a lot of vastly different geography patterns across this part of the world. Could that have something to do with per capita energy use when one lives in an isolated community that requires air transportation for absolutely everything?

    The urban centers are quite large and with spread out suburbs and fairly distant bedroom communities. Perhaps a low population density has some effect on providing sprawling urban services that require a different per capita energy use.

    I’m just spit-balling here to see if even a pinch of common sense could be helpful comparing per person energy use to a lower latitude, more moderate climate, less disparate geography, with more and higher density population.

    Nope. I think Canadians are just greedy piggies.

    • Wayne says:

      Yes, you are spit balling.

      They start with 12″ insulation, mud rooms (double entry), and think Americans use too much energy to stay warm …. Few live in rural areas. Within 1% the same demographics as the US.

      Oh well, back to why?

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