Can we save America?

Fellow internet pilgrims,

Can we save America?

Guy just commented on a recent blog, and he brought up the idea that within 4 years America will turn around, or be gone.

Essentially, he felt ‘reaganomics’ was the cause of the downfall in America.

Even though he seemed to admit, job outsourcing from America to Asia was rampant.

OK, part of his premise, I agree with. America is on a downward trend – a huge downward trend. And a trend where we still pay immigrants for the chance to become great, while we tax the heck out of Americans to pay the immigrants ….

Taxation to pay for exploded Welfare State is killing Americans. Yes, foreigners come here and get rich and go home. And the elite complains, because they pay their taxes to their governments when they go home …. but, they pay their taxes at home and not here ANYWAY …. that is not fair, they should pay more than Americans do.

But, that is a different discussion, I am not discussing fairness, but can we save America.

First, the world eventually goes into self-destruct mode. Whether it is God who opens the judgments of Revelation or Malthus who predicted we would run out of resources, our world is on a countdown to the end.

If you think it is bad today, what will the world look like with twice as many people on it? I know they ‘say’ population growth will slow down, but it doesn’t look that way, does it?

And if 7 billion people are struggling for resources, and Americans are pushed down as a wealthy people, what will happen when there are 14 billion? 21 billion?

Currently, America is only growing population, because they are importing Muslims. It is scary that we have millions of Mexicans who want to work here, but the State Department is importing Muslims ….

That makes me wonder if there was a classified treaty negotiated between OPEC and America in the 1970’s? It sure seems like the Islamic preaching of “We will take over the West by moving in and overpopulating them” is coming true.

But, do you think it is only 4 years?

I think it is 30 to 40 years before America is outstripped of her historic wealth.

But, do you believe America could fall in under 10 years?



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