Will Scientists admit they broke Physics?

Fellow internet pilgrims,

Science has found a galaxy 30 billion light years away, and the galaxy is only 13 billion years old.

Therefore the light travelled 30 billion light years in 13 billion years, almost 3 times the speed of light ….


I have known this moment was coming for some time, and now that we are HERE, will scientists admit that their ‘LAWS’ of Physics are broken?

Should we hold our breath as we wait for their announcement?



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8 Responses to Will Scientists admit they broke Physics?

  1. Syllogian says:

    Who said that the speed of light is a law of physics, and where did he get it from?
    Though unproven, it is assumed to have been constant everywhere and for all time. Like everything else radiation evolved along with a field for its transmission, yet there is not even a theory to say what controls its speed, and relative to what. Perhaps, as Newton said of gravity, it may prove to be ‘beyond the wit of man’ to discover.

  2. Syllogian says:

    A closer look at the 30-billion-year claim will show that it is the distance in light-years the galaxy will have reached by now if it kept accelerating at the rate that took it to where it got to from which light has taken 13-billion years to reach here, if that makes it clearer. There is no guarantee, though, that any of the figures are accurate.

  3. Meself says:

    Unlike religions, which NEVER admit they have broken every law of physics, science will ADMIT the errors, adapt to the new facts and learn more in the process.

    When will that happen in any of the religions?


    Science : religions
    10109 : 0

    “gods” are destined to die.

  4. This isn’t as obvious as it sounds. There have been by galaxies found that are measured at more than 13 billion light years ago. This doesn’t contradict the speed of light unless you don’t believe that the universe is expanding. That expansion is thought to be the actually stretching of space time so objects could be as far away as 90 billion light years and yet be only 13 billion years old. No one who studies astronomy is going to find this number difficult or confusing. No “laws” of physics are broken and now are any really even bent. I suppose you could say they are “stretched” but that stretching fits into the current laws. Joel

    • Wayne says:


      Thank you for your comment. Your comment is one way to look at it.

      But, if time is stretched, then how would we know how much it has been stretched? We have no method of measuring time distortion …..

      At least none that I am aware of …. Do you know of any methods?


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