Why do scientists hate God?

Why are we constantly told ‘Science’ and ‘Faith’ cannot co-exist? Even as people put ‘co-exist’ stickers on their cars telling us, ‘Christianity’ must co-exist with all the other Religions.

I just wrote about Scientists who believe in God, and in this case, they believed in Jesus Christ as God.

It is ironic to me that so many people on the Internet, and in the blogosphere, are anti Jesus.

Oh, yes, they claim they are anti-God, all ‘gods,’ but they only attack Christians.

At least Dawkins is famously not prejudiced, he attacks all Religions. Almost equally.

I kinda have a warm feeling about Dawkins, he is kinda the grumpy old grandfather of your best friend. You know the kind, you go over for cookies out of the oven with milk, and maybe a shot of bourbon. And you listen to his old war stories in return for the cookies. Then as his wife leaves the room, he starts getting a little wilder in his stories.

And you realize without his wife, he might be unstable. She is the stabilizing force.

That is the way it is with Dawkins and Christianity, without his childhood influenced by Christianity and nobel virtues, I think Dawkins might be a little unstable.

But, apart from Dawkins, few of the other ‘scientists’ advocating scientism are ever friendly, in fact they are down right prejudiced and usually angry.

So, if God does not exist, why would you ‘hate’ him?

Why do so many ‘scientists’ hate the invisible God?

Can you hate the ether of space? Can you hate the God particle? Can you hate nothingness?

Can you hate nothing?



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8 Responses to Why do scientists hate God?

  1. Syllogian says:

    tildeb’s comment was not to be taken seriously. It was a ‘catch 22’ question, dredged up from the last century but one, as an example for student lawyers in phrasing trick questions for use in cross-examining witnesses to put them off their stride. The intention was never to elicit truth.
    It is the same with what now passes for science in developing theories rather than knowledge, but even the best sometimes trip themselves up. There was the case of the physicist Paul Dirac who, atheist though he claimed to be, declared himself in awe of the mathematical genius behind creation!

  2. Meself says:

    And who says that scientists hate something that doesn’t exist? Science is exact. Religion is barely a dogma. A scientist cannot be irrational and illogical and hate some “god” that doesn’t even exist.

    Those scientists that believe in some form of religious delusions and dogmas are the ones who break the laws of science and talk nonsense. The top minds today in the world of science are all atheists. Religion is an obstacle for a scientist in reaching her/his true potential.

    If you believe in whatever religion, you are not a scientist. it’s that simple.

    And if you are not a scientist, you are going to make many, many fatal errors when trying to explain a science. And they do.

    • Wayne says:

      Interesting logic.

      If god does not exist, then a simple belief in god cannot affect your experiments ….

      But, if belief in God can change the results of your experiments? Then there might be a ‘God.’

      Don’t you think?

  3. tildeb says:

    So Wayne, when did you stop beating your wife?

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for stopping by, but surely that is not a serious comment?

      I could reply with, “Just before you committed murder.” But, it would be simpler to reply, “I have never been married.” So, like so many of your ‘scientific’ suppositions, it has no basis in truth, or reality.

      Yes, I can play the neo-science that atheists love to portray as ‘Science.’

      But, I do not need to, when most scientists hate God.

      So, why do you hate ‘god?’ If ‘god’ is fictitious, then why even concern yourself with him?

      The last 200 years have shown us immense slaughter, murder, and massive suffering the result of humanism.

      250 million or more people slaughtered in needless humanistic struggles for control – control as they replaced a god centric view of the Universe with a man centered view …..

      Wouldn’t the efforts of ‘the smartest men in the room’ better serve humanity focusing upon the real threats to humanity if ‘God’ does not exist?

  4. Syllogian says:

    This common fantasy of hating something you don’t believe exists calls to mind a saying that went the rounds 60 or more years ago: ‘There is no God. …and Stalin is his prophet’. Humour was thought to be the best antidote. Gentle mockery of the muddle-headedness is still the best way.

    • Wayne says:


      You got me laughing on that one! I live in the Former Soviet Union part time, and the Stalinist memory is very interesting …..

      Thank you for your comment,


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