Can I become the change I want to see in others?

Have you noticed how much angrier America is than it used to be?

Oh, we have had our times, the Watts riots, the Rodney King riots, but progressively America has become a country of refuge for those escaping the wars they brought upon themselves. I.e., the Middle East and their Arab Spring.

Not point out the obvious, but we are bringing in more ‘refugees’ than we are allowing Mexicans come in to work ….

And with the refugees came the Boston Bombers ….

But, back to US. How do WE, especially me, become the change we need to see around US?

Can we? Or, is it too late?



About Wayne

First, I blogged on blogger, then Myspace - soon I was consistently ranked. Next, I quit. Then the blogging addiction came back .... Comments are appreciated. Not nice comments are edited. You can follow me at the top right.
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