Let US fix ObamaCare.

We need to fix what we now know is broken.

We need to first get people to realize Healthcare will be expensive.

We need to increase the number of doctors and medical practitioners.

We need to get politicians out of business.

We need to get rid of lobbyists.

We need to get people to pay for medical care rather than just abusing the system.

Did I miss anyting?



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2 Responses to Let US fix ObamaCare.

  1. Tax incentives for doctors choosing to specialize in Primary Care, as opposed to the better-paying specialties, would help too. We actually have a surplus of doctors in many specialties, but too few are what used to be called General Practitioners. Therefore you can get a same-day MRI, endoscopy or dermatitis treatment, but it takes a month to get an appointment for your flu-like symptoms with cough.

    Otherwise, you didn’t miss anything Wayne, and your suggestions are great!

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