If you are Christian, you MUST support the Gay agenda.

I just watched a video of how the Gay agenda attacked Christians in Massachusetts.

If you are a Christian or a Christian business owner you must tolerate and conduct Gay marriages.

If you bring up your Christian point of view, you can (and will) be fired.

What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts.


Yes, it is scary to me.

How about you?



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2 Responses to If you are Christian, you MUST support the Gay agenda.

  1. Daniel says:

    Jesus said to love your neighbor. Many so called Christians would rather hate all but their ‘tribe!’
    It is strange that they do not follow what He said. No wonder why the Lord of Love has such mixed reactions from so many people.

    • Wayne says:


      We should love all people, so I think I agree with what you are saying. Just as long as we do not arrest Christians for believing what the Bible teaches and what studies tell us about the negative effects of gay behavior.

      And right now, people are being arrested, sued, and fired for traditional behavior. And while I am concerned about Christians being arrested, all people should have the right to believe in traditional values.

      What next? Will we arrest a Chinese woman for wanting to eat a Chinese Dinner?


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