Christians are told they are a ‘Hate Group’ by the US Army.

I do not know how widespread this is, yet.

Now, US Army soldiers are taught that traditional family values are ‘hate’ by the US Army. The very core Army values which made the US Army the greatest fighting force in the history of the world are now under attack.

Yes, they attacked traditional Christians. Rest assured, the attack will focus upon family regardless of religion. Yet, the attack will also be because of Christianity. They will not attack family in isolation from Christianity. Family will be attacked because of the relationship between Christianity and a strong family.

News article.

Just as Russia and Ukraine have been told they must change their laws to be less family friendly, US Army soldiers are programmed to believe traditional family values are wrong.

I did not think I would ever live to see these things happen, but today was prophesied in the Bible.

Are you ready for Jesus to return?



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