Pres. Obama threatened to default on US debt.

This partisan politics is getting crazy.

When asked if he would negotiate to get things done, President Obama told the reporter he should not have to negotiate. And later he replied, “Absolutely, I will not negotiate. And the reason, Steve, is because if we establish a pattern whereby one faction … controlling one chamber in Congress can threaten default, that the United States of America is no longer meeting its obligations … unless they get … what they want, …. any president is subject to that kind of blackmail continuously.”

NPR interview.

This is the gist of what the President said. And this is scary.

“Look, I am part of the problem, I refuse to negotiate, and when I do that, I hold the Congress in contempt and blackmail them. They can do it my way, or they will lose.”

When he told NPR what the Speaker should say, he was repeating what the Speaker of the House has been saying.

“I didn’t come here to shut down the government,” Boehner said, moments before the House voted on the GOP’s latest continuing resolution, which includes a one-year delay of Obamacare’s individual mandate. “The American people don’t want a shutdown, and neither do I.”

From: Huffington Post spins it, but the answer is the same, Republicans did not shut down government, President Obama chose to shut down government.

The President is going crazy. He continues to point the finger at Congress, while the other fingers in his hand point back at him …. He has refused to negotiate about the biggest jobs killer in history.

And ObamaCare is the biggest killer in history, it will place 100,000,000 Americans under government sponsored Iatrogenesis …. Iatrogenesis is medical induced death. And it is the largest killer in America, larger than heart attack or lung cancer.

But, that is not the scary part.

When medicine kills patients, it usually kills the HEALTHY PATIENT AND SAVES THE SICK PATIENT.

For every ten old and sick patients, NINE PATIENTS WILL BE KILLED, and most of them will be healthy, before they went to their doctors.

Ten with an older median age (approaching 60 years of age) will be traded for nine younger patients (averaging closer to 30 years of age).

And he holds American youth and the government hostage to get his way …..

Now that is a temper tantrum.

Don’t you think so?



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4 Responses to Pres. Obama threatened to default on US debt.

  1. Biker on steroids says:

    Some errors in your statements:

    When medicine kills patients, it usually kills the HEALTHY PATIENT AND SAVES THE SICK PATIENT.

    At least it saved the sick one, which is why s/he went to the hospital. And who has ever heard of a HEALTHY patient? Where do they exist? Only in the US…

    The second pearl:
    For every ten old and sick patients, NINE PATIENTS WILL BE KILLED…

    That is in stark contrast with the previous statement. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. Ray Plenty says:

    Dictators hate “checks and balances”. It gets in their way of total tyranny…

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