Charity versus Welfare.

I keep hearing how great Welfare (wealth redistribution) is.

As Libertarian Answers pointed out, 70% to 90% of charity dollars go to help the poor, but only 30% of Welfare (wealth redistribution) goes to help the poor.

It look to me as if the THIEVES from the progressive side of the house need to step up and pay.

They claim they are half of the country. They claim they want to help the poor.

But, if they did what they claimed, they would give their money to charity, and the poor would be better taken care of.

Instead, they steal from people like me.

And I am tired of it.

Are you tired of it? Are you tired of paying government employees a median income of $100,000 to get only $30,000 to the average ‘poor’ person? That is not the average amount of money, that is about $2,000 a year. But, the average non-working person benefiting from wealth re-distribution gets about $30,000 ….

Get rid of the government leaches. Take them off of their over-paid welfare salaries, and let us fix the real problems.

Are you as tired as I am?



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