The violence blame-game goes to the Stooges


I wanted to agree with the author all the way through his post.

But, I was troubled with some of what he wrote. He held depression responsible instead of the blaming the person taking their life. Then he wanted to hold the parent responsible, instead of blaming the bully ….

Personal responsibility starts with the individual.

The individual who thinks their right to play a violent video game must take responsibility for their personal expression of violence ….

The same is true for the kids acting like the three stooges and kill their kid brothers and sisters ….

Maybe instead of championing ‘freedom,’ we should champion responsibility and freedom?

I wonder if personal freedoms have gone to far? Have we, the US in USA, forgotten what it means to be a society? Or, will we really continue to kill each other until we blow ourselves back to the stone age?


Freedom Cocktail

In the middle of the golden age of Hollywood, a slap-stick trio of buffoons managed to work their way to the top of the comedy ladder, continuing to be an inspiration to many, while known to all but the very few.  The antics of Moe, Larry and Curly (and Shemp) became iconicly known as the Three Stooges, forever saved on t-shirts, reenacted in one sit-com after another and even the genesis of a recent feature film.

ThreeStoogesAt the same time, it didn’t take long for some in the 40’s to blame violence in society on the images being portrayed on the silver screen.  Poked eyes, slapped heads, twisted noses, hands smashed, skulls bashed with hammers, feet stomped and stomachs punched were a mainstay in their shorts as well as their feature films.  As a youngster, I would catch these in late-night reruns on the UHF band.  (For the younger readers…

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1 Response to The violence blame-game goes to the Stooges

  1. Wayne says:

    [Readers, I, Wayne, need to add the bloggers reply to my re-blog. In fairness, he cleared up my doubts very well. That deserves his comment to be added here. I thanked him on his blog.]

    “Wayne, we may be arguing two sides of the same coin. I do believe that ultimately, the blame for our individual actions belongs solely with the individual. I was making the statement that many would choose to blame anyone other than the individual. There is always something else — some focus other than internally — to remove personal responsibility from the equation. I wasn’t raised that way and I’m doing my best to make sure my girls are not raised to believe they are victims while simultaneously being owed (entitled) to something they never earned.

    Ultimately, if my message was muddied, it was the fault of me and me alone. But, I am trying my best to say what so many are afraid to. Thanks for stopping by, taking time to comment and for reblogging. We really appreciate it.”

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