Should we defund Obamacare?

I noticed that the talk shows are going crazy about this subject today.

There are several issues involved in this.

First, is defunding the correct thing to do? Second, is it feasible? Thirdly, is that action survivable?

I will start with the last, no, defunding Obamacare this way is not survivable. The progressive attack machine would do everything it could to destroy anyone opposed to this mega program.

Is it the correct thing to do?

Yes, we should defund Obamacare.

But, I do not think it is feasible. The progressive majority will defuse any attempt to fix the problem. And if it is not done well, trying to defund Obamacare will make the problem bigger rather than smaller.

We can see the same problem in Welfare. Although, Welfare has some moral correctness to the underlying principle, it has become too big. Why? Politicians are fighting the wrong fight.

They tell us the argument is Welfare yes, or Welfare no. When the argument should be Welfare at an affordable level. So, instead of focusing upon fixing the problem, many politicians are willing to put on a political show.

“Let me tell you I will do something, when I know all along I will fail.”

Imagine Patton saying that. Ever. Much less during the “Battle of the Bulge.”

And that is what we need with Welfare and with Obamacare – leaders who know how to win, instead of leaders who choose to lose.

Think about that – Obama is willing to lose his integrity to win what he wants. He chose to lose. I do not agree with him, but he knew that by doing the wrong things, he would make history.

He chose to take an additional 10% from senior citizens to fund Obamacare, just as he is taking 30% from them to help fund Welfare.

Starve grandmas and see if anyone notices?

There are several Roman Emperors in the same position as Obama. They saw the decline of the Roman Empire, and they chose to lose rather than to fix the problems. Rome lost.

Will America lose?



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