My parents do not care what I do.

Did you hear about this over the weekend?

Help me save 300.

300 kids break into this man’s vacation home. Instead of demanding jail time, he asked for them to work off the damages they did. He asked them to ‘man up.’

What is happening?

The parents who do not care what their kids do want to sue him.

It is evident that the kids who thought, “My parents do not care what I do.” were absolutely correct.

Their parents encourage this kind of terrorist activity, and the violence will lead to murders and rapes.

I have blogged about the insane number of rapes in our country. Is it any wonder this is happening when girls are part of this insane culture? How can girls protect themselves (or respect their own bodies) when they are involved in these kinds of hate crimes.

And it is a real hate crime, this politically incorrect modern craziness of only some crimes are hate is stupid. Crime is crime. Violent crime is hate.


I am amazed that this man tried to help the kids. He is a bigger man than I would be.

What do you think?



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