1.3 Trillion Dollars on Welfare.


This blog is for me as well as for you. [Updated, 7 April 2014] [And Dec 2014]

Finding the real data is difficult. Very difficult. Even the supposed ‘conservatives’ bury the data inside of other data.

OK, for an overview. There is $1.03 Trillion in general welfare spending, plus $52 Billion spent on SSI *, plus $200 Billion spent by the states on Medicaid **.

So, it looks like $1.3 trillion being spent on Welfare, out of $3.537.

More than one third.

It is always difficult to remember what spending falls under which program – I think even the ‘experts’ forget. And it is possible I am double counting Medicaid – it is difficult to find real numbers. But, Medicaid is paid under Medicare, so, I think I am not double billing.

And this is missing quite a lot of money spent at the state and local level.

And yes, I did round numbers, and I took money spent by the states on Medicaid, because some of that money comes from the Federal Government, and I do not know how much.


* SSI is difficult to find. This was buried in a PDF report after clicking through several pages on the government website: “cash payments under the SSI program during calendar year 2012 increased 5.4 percent to $51.7 billion.

** “Federal spending for Medicaid … was $251 billion” Total Medicaid spending is $444 Billion a year. Almost what we spend on the military, but they always tell us the military is too expensive. Then what is $1.3 Trillion on Welfare?

*** When I originally wrote this, Defense spending was close to $600 Billion / Year. Now it is closer to $800 Billion. So, I would guess welfare went way up, or they allowed defense spending to go up in return for the huge increases in welfare spending from fy 2007 to fy 2010 ….

Also, the budget went from $3.5 Trillion to $4 Trillion since I originally wrote this. Did YOUR paycheck go up 15%?

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5 Responses to 1.3 Trillion Dollars on Welfare.

  1. They just find other ways to get your money through local taxes, fees, surcharges, and the like. No shame. Every year they dig deeper. The “my” part of my income is shrinking every year and I haven’t seen a raise in 6 years because the economy still stinks after 6 years of money printing. I’d climb out onto the ledge if I wasn’t afraid of heights.

  2. Wayne says:

    Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:

    Welfare spending revisited.

    Friends, Since I wrote this just over a year ago, the Federal Budget increased its spending 15%. I assume that is a 2 year budget, maybe part of 3 year, spread. But, even at 5% a year, that is 4% above inflation, and 4% above wage increases ….

    Friends, That is SCARY. We need to get the Budget under control. They are outspending our ability to earn more tax money.

    NOTE: We must earn money BEFORE it can be taxed.

    Am I right?


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