Every now and then, I need a brain teaser.

OK, I hope some of you readers can help me learn about building stronger and lighter structures.

As I am writing this, I have been studying boat design and building boats, but this would apply to short term housing for disaster relief as well as to aircraft or green automotive building.

PDF on core products.

What is most interesting to me is the overall strength to weight of the different materials. You can carry more structure to wherever you are going if it is lighter.

But, that would also mean the final structure would weigh less and could easily be blown around.

So, which is more important? Weight or strength?

I think from what I have read so far, the strength is more important than the weight. Weight will be added to the structure as the structure gets larger, so the overall concern seems to be about keeping overall weight down.

Now, I have not looked at cost. It seems the synthetic materials cost more. And it seems that Okoume Marine Grade Plywood (BS1088 standard) yield the best value. So, far that is my hunch.

What do you think?



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