Kids destroy house to party.


300 kids decided to break into a home and party, the trashed the home.

Former football player’s vacation home. You need to scroll down about a page, he is also raising awareness for DUI deaths and Wounded Warriors. Warning, their language is terrible and profane.

CNN news report.

Not one kid said to his or herself, “You know, this is a felony, I am getting out of here and calling the cops.”

Not one.

Instead they acted like they were all criminals running from a burglary. “The cops are here, they can’t catch us all.”

No remorse.

Just blatant theft, destruction, and disregard for the lives of others.

Over $20,000 damage to the home. Not counting the theft.

Were they a small number compared to the millions of kids out there? Yes. But, with the kids raised on the fake hollywood party scene, where hollywood pays strippers to PRETEND they showed up to a regular party, these kids really think that this is just fun.

Fun is out of control.

It is a symptom of a greater problem in America.

We are no longer accountable. And we do not think we are accountable to our God.

And that is scary.

What do you think?



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