I hate the NSA, but ….

Security company warns about NSA hacking their security systems.

OK, I hate the NSA, but …. I do not have any ‘secrets’ that I have to worry about the NSA reading.

I am against the continuing ObamaWars. But, I have written about that.

I am against the rape of our young men and women. But, I have written about that.

I am not for the gay agenda, or the progressive agenda, or trillions of dollars in massive debt to pay off crony capitalists who CANNOT produce products that have a purpose and a real value.

Crony capitalism is an expensive form of corporate welfare.


What is there to hide?

The NSA, CIA, and the other 22 security agencies no one is talking about, know where I live, and how to raid my bank account.

But, I have nothing to hide, I have no illegal activities, and I am not even close to being related to a drug lord – although there are probably several drug lords living in San Antonio.

SO, on one side, I think the Obama’s abuse of the NSA’s ability to spy upon every American is CREEPY, on the other side, I know that as much as he hates me, because I look more like his grandfather than he does, I am the LEAST of his worries.

So, I come back to “I hate the NSA, but ….” what should we do about government spying upon US and upon other countries?



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