Why hasn’t feminism worked?

This blog is for women as well as men.


Feminism has spent the last 100 years ‘marching on.’  We are told that the reason more women are not executives and specifically politicians is because it ‘took time.’

Well, after 100 years ‘of suffrage’ what do we have?

Only 20% of our Congressional leaders are women.  The percentage is almost identical for Senate and Congress.  The only real difference is in the Administration.  The number of women in key posts went DOWN under President Obama.  Think about how often you, and I, have been told how much better women are at leadership than men?

“We wouldn’t have all of these wars if it were not for men?”  How many times have I heard that.

But, why did Hilary Clinton vote for the Iraq War, and campaign for the recent war in Syria?  And the rest of the women in Congressional leadership?

Where are the WOMEN?  Outside of feminist leaders, we have very few women in leadership.

Why hasn’t feminism worked for most women?  Why has feminism failed most women?

Less than 15% of our military are women, but we are told they need to be in combat positions, and fly fighter aircraft.  We were told that if we did those things, more women would join.  A few more have joined, but we are still at less than 20%.

The percentage of women in Math, the Sciences, and other technical fields has grown, the percentage of women in leadership has grown.

But, not much.

What has grown?

The percentage of women abused.

My grandmother was a leader in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  My mother was a political leader in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Before we were told that women were ‘starting’ to make up a percentage of the work force ….

But, what have we gained?  What have women gained?  And what have women lost.

We have probably quadrupled the number of women in leadership positions since the 1960’s.  But, we have 6 times as many women abused ….

Think about this.  We had women in leadership positions back then.  And we had fewer women abused.

What have women gained?  More opportunity to be raped and abused?  Women have not gained significantly on the pay scales, women usually choose fields that pay less than men would choose.

Is what American Feminism has done to our women and our girls worth what Feminism claims they have given to our women?  And yes, you and I know much of the ‘gains’ were not because of feminism.  But, for now, let us give 100% gain to what they claim.

And let us give 100% responsibility for what women have lost to the progressive feminist movement as well.

Does feminism really look good for our women?


Please remember our soldiers, male and female.  There has been a greater than 30% increase in rapes of men and women serving since President Obama added homosexuals to our ranks.


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