Live web cam and news for Ship Costa Concordia.

[Updated – HA!  THEY GOT ME.  After two and a half hours, the Concordia FINALLY looks like it has actually moved.  As I noted below, the news conference said this would take about 12 hours.]


This was hard to find.  Raising the Costa Concordia.

It seems the raising is going on schedule, no this is not a rocket launch, so it won’t be to the second.

But, at least this webcam works.

The other 4 I tried did not work.



[updated 0227 CST] The raising began at 0900 (local time), at a news briefing at about 0925 (L) they said that 2,000 tons of water have been moved so far, but it will be some time before you can see any movement with the naked eye.

There are no caustic gases being released, there will be no H2S [that is a surprise]

They expect a 12 hour operation.

More to follow.

After another hour, it seems she is lifting up, you can see algae growth coming above the water line, of course that might be from tidal action.

But, after an hour and a half of a twelve hour operation, I hope we are seeing a foot or two of lifted hull.

0520 CST, the live feed keeps talking about 0900 hours …. that should have been about 2 hours ago.  Maybe they are looping old feed for a few minutes?

But, the Concordia is slowly being righted.

Almost 12 noon CST, and they are still going slow. I do not think they will make their schedule. But, I can finally see about ten degrees of slime, maybe 20 to 30 feet in places. So, they are raising the Concordia slowly.

Have you been watching?

1219 CST time they are briefing that they had a problem, and they fixed it about an hour ago.

They have been fixing a problem with the sponsons.

And they plan on working through the night, until after midnight.

They are at 15 degrees rotation. When they reach 24 degrees they will begin using the ballast instead of the cables.

And they will not interfere with the 0600 AM ferry boat to the mainland. — so, they will work past midnight.

This news briefing is hilarious …. They had a spare tire for their flat tire, that is why they are late.

“And that is the problem with this country. Here we have planned for this problem, and we fixed it. And you are complaining.”

Italians … have a funny sense of humor.

“And we won’t discuss the ecological impacts and risks, that would go on forever.”

Or, “You reporters and your colleagues just want to find bad news. Always looking for bad things… And we might encounter problems. Your point is fair, but it is not useful. And all these things are documented and part of the plan.”


Next, “Can I ask a question?” You cannot make this up. So, now the reporters are clapping, after being chastised for doing their jobs, the reporters are clapping and applauding the men holding the news conference.



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